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13 October 2012 @ 01:39 am
【聖Smiley学園で】CRAZY NIGHT【歌って踊ってみた】  

......comeback of YU-dorite and Ramu-dorite? XD
YU and Ramu are pros already so they get to stand in the front haha
This time also featuring Mi-chan, Kettaro and Mucchi.
Mi-chan is sooo chic, wearing sunglasses even though it's night.
Kettan being his usual self, diva-ish~
and Mucchi too, you adorable human being *kyaaa* XD
Did I mention that Ramu looks so pretty? I want him to be my sister :3
and actually, Ramu's dance style kinda reminds me of how some Johnny's boys dance hahaha
YU.....okay, YU looks like he's an odorite, despite that he's actually an utaite lol

(YU-dorite and Ramu-dorite is actually a pun made by me and my friend because we saw a video where they dance to some songs -I think it's from Smiley 2G's DVD?- and they look like they are experienced dancers XD)

Anyway, long time no post! I got really busy so I don't have time to post and I can only comment to other journals or communities -_- University is killing me~ OTL
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